Get to know our duo

Watching the ducks in the pondwell, I TRIED to make them the entrance of the rose gardenThis is when Shalom N and Rachel were still a twosome – when a tiny intruder by the name of Tori was just a few weeks old and not yet so domineering (acc. to Racheli at least).  These two little people alternate between being great friends (as the pictures show), and cat-and-mouse (as we try not to let the pictures show – because that doesn’t look very pretty..)

A trip with their aunt from LA to the rose garden.


One Response to “Get to know our duo”

  1. noel clayton Says:

    I love being able to see pictures of your kids. They are very cute. Can’t wait to get to know you guys better. I started a blog almost a year ago now and I love it!!!

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