Party time…

SN’s partyRachel’s partyUploading didn’t work before (I’ll try again soon) but I’m trying again…

I am going to try and upload pictures of the party we had at SN’s class.  What a difference than the party – same day – in Racheli’s pre-nursery class!  In Racheli’s party, it was beautiful, but based on the kids putting on a performance for the moms (yep, these two year olds..)  Of course, none of them did :0)  They even had this blue light (sorry, I forgot what it’s called) – that makes all white objects glow in the dark – as part of their very fancy performance..  but basically all the kids ran to their mothers as soon as they came and refused to go up on “stage”.  But it was nice anyway, because their “gananot” (caregivers) were very sweet and did not pressure them.  In SN’s gan (class) it was all about playing with Mommy.  There were tables with different activities and we went from one to the next trying out different things- we made an arts-and-crafts projects about cleanliness (their major issue now), a speech-game with the ST, a “blow-the-Menorah-candle-out-first” contest between kiddos and mothers, and more.  Very very cute – I just wish Racheli’s teachers were there to see what a real party should look like..

 OK, I’m trying the “upload” option again..


3 Responses to “Party time…”

  1. Heather Says:

    Deena, Your children are so cute!
    Alot of us Mom’s actually used Blogger to create our sites, but I cant say that it would be any faster. I have high speed dial up and my pictures each take about 5-10 minutes! I can’t even consider posting a video. Sometimes it works, others it doesn’t. My computer is fickle!
    Anyway, I enjoy peeking in on the families. It’s nice to put a face to the names!
    Take care, Heather F

  2. Tara Says:

    Hi Deena –
    Your children are adorable!! Thanks for sharing your site with us.
    I’ll check back often.
    Tara Littlejohn (mom to Payton (4ws), and Koen (10 months)

  3. Laura Says:

    Hi Deena,
    Both children are just adorable. I love being able to put the faces to the names.
    Take care,

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