Loving (well..) sistersRacheli lightingShalom lightingSo… after trying unsuccessfully to share photos with “groups”, I decided to try and create a blog with photos. Seems to work for others…

I am attaching some pictures of the kids on Chanuka.

Shalom Noah, age 4.5, is lighting the Menorah (almost) all by himself!

Rachel (Cheli, or “Chelsie” as she is fondly called by some family members), in purple and very unflattering pajamas (to go with the messy hair) but cute anyway (if I may say so myself) also brought in her own Menorah from gan (pre-nursery). Rachel is 2 years old although at her height she almost looks like SN’s twin.

Baby Tori will have to wait for next year to light… :0(

Notice that on top, near the pictures, there is a link to another one (of Rachel and Tori wearing matching outfits)


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