Third but not least….

Tori in strollerToriCheli and Tori

With our camera cable left in LA during our visit in the summer, we had no means of transferring photos onto our computer (and of course, all the neighbors’ cameras use different cables..).  We had but one picture of Tori on our camera on the day that we suddenly were able to borrow a camera and cable to use to upload the pics.  So that’s how it happened that my mother received a very unflattering photo of our beautiful little Tori.  In the picture she came out sort-of flat, and, somehow, cross-eyed too.  That marked the start of worried phonecalls (“of course I believe you she’s not cross-eyed.  But please can you have her eyes checked just in case?”)

Now that we finally received our long-lost cable, I consider it my urgent oblication to set everyone’s mind at ease…  attaching some recent photos of our girls – with their eyeballs very much in place.


4 Responses to “Third but not least….”

  1. Laura Says:

    They are just beautiful!

  2. Lisa R Says:

    What beautiful girls!!!

  3. Tara Says:


  4. noel clayton Says:

    The girls are very pretty. Thanks for the pictures!

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