Purim is in the air..

chicken2.jpg    Purim really feels like it’s just around the corner…  the kids have been learning about it and are so excited.  Racheli’s “ganenet” (‘teacher’ – but don’t forget that kid is two years old..) really outdid herself.  Two weeks ago Racheli came home all dressed up as a chicken.  Last week she was a “grandma”…  I just hope our *real* Purim costumes are as good as these :0)

I’ll try to attach some pics.  It was adorable. 

My sister in law Miri got married last week and Shalom just couldn’t get enough of it (we took him and Tori to the wedding – Racheli is a good sleeper so she stayed by a neighbor – – she still thinks she ‘lucked out’ by getting to sleep over a friend..).  He was glued to the band from the moment we walked into the hall, and he now asks for a wedding every day.. and if you ask him what they do at a wedding, he says “(sing with a) microphone” :0) 

Some cute quotes:

My older sister in law, Suri, asked Shalom – “what does your Mommy do all day?”  He thought and thought (he had a very hard time thinking what DOES Mommy do all day..”) and then he said – “eat!”  – hey, don’t believe him, ok?

Racheli repeated a story she heard about the little boy who wanted wool to make a sweater.  he goes to the hen, the cow, etc. – she was able to say where each one lives, the sound they make and what they produce.. we were amazed, B.A.H.

 Tori’s crying (sorry, no quotes for you yet, honey!) – gotta go for now..


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